Review: Editors – An End Has A Start

The first Editors album was a commercial as well as an artistic triumph; successfully aligning post-punk guitars to modern day anthems. This leaves a lot of pressure on the follow-up and although it’s by no means a disaster, there’s something missing here.

Editors Album Cover
The title track  could have easily fitted on to the debut record as hurtling guitar riffs and Tom Smith’s baritone increase their intensity to reach a breakneck chorus. ‘Bones’ is semi-dirgey but finds euphoria in darkness whilst ‘Spiders’ shows that Tom Smith and co. can still pluck the heartstrings with an emotionally-driven performance. However, these moments are few and far between. ‘When Anger Shows’, although it’s a fine song, seems to borrow half of it’s melody from Athlete’s ‘Wires’ single. Samey guitar effects struggle to bring the likes of ‘The Weight Of The World’, ‘Escape The Nest’ and ‘The Racing Rats’ out of the ordinary whilst ‘Push Your Head Towards The Air’ has a big build-up but ends up sounding like a Coldplay cast-off. In some ways ‘An End Has A Start’ mirrors the second Interpol album; not only styliistically but it’s also a consolidation of a successful formula, except where Interpol maintained a noticeable edge, Editors seem to have blanded out somewhat.

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