Excellent new EP from Glassacre

I had the pleasure of downloading a review copy of a new EP called ‘Slow Attack’ by the Australian act Glassacre. Glassacre make a very unusual brand of electronic/shoegazing music that sounds to me like the outer space atmospheres of Avrocar crossed with the ambient rock of Engineers. There’s some hypnotic eerie vocals and some excellent unusual melodies on show which lead to a superb and original release.

Glassacre EP Cover 

In my role of music reviewer, I get to listen to an awful lot of music but I sometimes feel a bit jaded by the similarity in sound to so many other acts. Glassacre are one of the special acts who sound immediately different.

Their myspace site is well worth checking out for a preview of several of the tracks whilst the EP itself can be downloaded from Hidden Shoal Recordings.


1 Response to “Excellent new EP from Glassacre”

  1. 1 Michael November 28, 2007 at 12:46 pm

    I’m a big fan of a number of HSR acts, Slow Dancing Society, Bury The Sound, Beautiful Lunar Landscape and Iretsu are all well worth checking out

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