Review: Various Artists – One Point Two

Rednetic Recordings have impressed with recent electronica releases such as Inigo Kennedy’s stunning recent album. The label was formed by Mark Streatfield (AKA Zainetica) with Joseph Auer, both of whom contribute tracks to this collection. Together with Boltfish, Rednetic have been a great source for me for discovering hitherto unknown electronica acts.

One Point Two Album Cover

In fact the first artist to feature on this compilation is Boltfish co-owner Murray Fisher whose ‘Queasy’ conjures up the mysterious atmospheres of space exploration. There’s a surprising variety on show with Liberation Jumpsuit’s slyly seductive ‘One Night Stand’ rubbing up against the subdued wintry drama of ‘Murmurs’ by Vizier Of Damascus. Elsewhere the warm techno sounds of Zainetica’s own ‘Awaken’ recall early 808 State. In the middle of the CD there are some so-so affairs but the ever reliable Kennedy raises the stakes with the deep loneliness of ‘Faraway Towns’ whilst Auer also evokes dark nights of the soul. Overall, it’s a compilation which doesn’t always hit the target (and after seventy minutes that’s perhaps to be expected) but it’s interesting that the label founders’ offerings are amongst the highlights

Web Site:

Rednetic’s Home Page
Boltfish Home Page

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