Review: The Lodger – Grown-Ups

The Lodger are possibly the nearest any band has got to crossing the youthful Northern charms of The Arctic Monkeys with the romanticism of 80s indie-pop.  In typical style, main songwriter Ben Siddall started the band from his humble bedsit flat in Leeds. There is a lot to admire about his music though which ranks it above any allegations of someone riding on the back of West Yorkshire’s current wave of recognition.

The Lodger Album Cover

Ticking off the influences, ‘Many Thanks For Your Honest Opinion’ is like a slightly-slowed down version of  the Buzzcocks classic ‘Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t Have)?’ whilst ‘Kicking Sand’ even includes an Orange Juice-style country twang in its expedient pop tune. Granted, Siddall’s vocals have all the punch and aggression of Bobby Wratten (‘Bye Bye’ could even be one of his Field Mice songs) but he has wit and melody to spare.  ‘Let Her Go’ is urgent sounding, ‘Unsatisfied’ goes off on a lovely melodic keyboard tangent whilst ‘Getting Special’ is danceable indie. However, not everything is great; ‘My Advice Is On Loan’ is the biggest failing and should be sent to the darkest corner of the C86 scene. Make no mistake though, this isn’t an album to take too seriously so treat it as the enjoyable jangle-fest that it is.

Web Sites:

The Lodger’s Official Site
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