Review: Cheekbone – Yesterday

Cheekbone is another artist from the excellent Hidden Shoal Recordings; a label rapidly growing a reputation for its download-only electronica acts.  The man behind the nomenclature is Japanese resident Kouichi Moriuchi who is – rather disconcertingly – inspired by German psychedelia.

 Cheekbone EP Cover

Although ‘Yesterday’ can hardly be described as formulaic, most of the seven tracks here follow a similar pattern, usually consisting of one central melody, which is slowly engulfed in chattering digitised noise before the noise subsides again. It’s like a journey though space but on ‘Reef’ it’s down a safe, fascinating route rather than a macabre, mysterious one. Whirring sounds populate ‘Behind The Irony’ before they are engulfed by noise. Then the EP reaches an impressive peak for the elegant ‘Far’ as one central, chilly melody expands into several layers, each one of them enticing as the other. HSR have produced another winner.

Web Sites:
Cheekbone Artist Page on HSR
Cheekbone MySpace

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1 Response to “Review: Cheekbone – Yesterday”

  1. 1 Michael December 16, 2007 at 7:12 pm

    I reviewed this one too, I foubd it quite hard to pin down, some elements were vaguely familiar, yet others seemed rather unique. I listened to this extensively while holidaying in Alicante and you can imagine who perfectly it complimented the beautiful climate in the south of Spain

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