Review: Bell Hollow – Foxgloves

Of all the independent acts in operation, few have mastered their post-punk influences quite as well as New York’s Bell Hollow. For starters, Nick Niles can really sing, Greg Fasolino knows how and when to make the best use of his chiming guitar melodies, whilst Christopher Bollman contributes suitably lurching bass and Todd Karasik’s subtle use of percussion is reminiscent of the great early years of The Comsat Angels. In fact it is this band which Bell Hollow emulate most closely. Like them, they are masters of killer hooks and inject their songs with an admirable amount of restraint.

 Bell Hollow Album Cover

Their first album features several songs available on earlier EPs and ‘Lowlights’ and ‘Getting On In Years’ are certainly amongst the best tracks here. Yet this is definitely a “proper” album. The title track’s tender verses tingle with romance before they lead to a chorus which promises imminent danger. Niles is such a skilled frontman that he is instrumental in delivering key changes for ‘Seven Sisters’, ‘Jamais Vu’ and ‘The Bottle Tree’ whilst ‘Storm’s End’ offers a supreme glum rock riff. Without doubt, Bell Hollow have delivered on their initial promise with a post-punk record which oozes class.

Web Sites:
Official Bell Hollow Site
Bell Hollow MySpace

Further Listening:
The Comsat Angels, The Chameleons, Por Nada, Sad Lovers And Giants

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