Review: The Opposite Sex – Violent Heartstrings

Whilst Bell Hollow can call on The Comsat Angels as their nearest soundalike, Bauhaus seem to be the primary influence for The Opposite Sex. Frontman Shawn Helton is the owner of a gothic howl, the guitars are as much punk as post-punk, the bass is steadfastly doomy whilst tribal drums complete the band’s statement. Their first EP was a decent effort but a little too hamstrung by the past. Much of the first album could have been made twenty-five years ago too but the energy levels are kept high enough for this record not to be dismissed.

The Opposite Sex Album Cover 

‘Knives’ certainly evokes the madness and intensity of Bauhaus whereas ‘Dusk’ has got them pretty much down to pastiche level. Yet elsewhere they prove ‘Violent Heartstrings’ is not a mere homage to Northampton’s finest miserbalists. A more controlled form of punk is displayed on ‘Turning Colours’ and ‘Everything’ but it’s ‘Walk On Water’ lying at the centre of the record which is the real find; an elegant keyboard wash is the basis for a subtle, emotive song that reminds me of Section 25. Granted, the lyrics veer towards goth cliché but the best songs of The Opposite Sex reveal they have a future as well as a past.

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