Review: The Mill – Meno Forms E.P.

The Mill bring forth their bluesy rock from Belfast in Northern Ireland. Admiration of the band is likely to depend on how you perceive the performance of frontman Ciaran Cullen. Some delicious distorted guitars begin the psychedelic trip in fine style then Cullen casts his leery, almost-drunken sounding vocals over proceedings.

The Mill EP Cover 

In contrast, ‘As Stone’ is sleepy and gentle, drowsy but also alluring. It’s not all good though: ‘In Lime’ is an ugly mess, characterised by Cullen’s guttural tones. ‘Heard Her Call’, on the other hand, is old-school blues rock; its uncompromising tone only added to by howls of feedback. Finally, ‘Duty’s Dues’ is what The Happy Mondays might sound like if they ever covered Deep Purple. The Mill are an acquired taste, that’s for sure but there’s enough charm and warmth to make them likeable.

Web Sites:
The Mill’s MySpace

Further Listening:
The Doors, The Stone Roses

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