Review: Amycanbe – Being A Grown-Up Sure Is Complicated

The portents for Amycanbe sound ominous. The sugary-sweet name for both band and album title suggests the most twee music ever heard. Thankfully Amycanbe are above those fears. Hailing from Ravenna in North-Eastern Italy, they merge folk and electronica all topped off by Francesca Amati’s child-like vocals. The sum effect is a cross between Stina Nordenstam and the cult Argentinian act Mus.

 Amycanbe Album Cover

Crucially, despite the frailities of Amati’s vocals, the band never come close to being too cute or saccharine, instead their rather unusual folk music makes them a very different proposition. Amongst the highlights, ‘Get Closer’ flies the flag for intricately-woven moody European indie pop, they incorporate grunge for the quietly menacing ‘All The Places’ and the driving chorus of ‘Burning’. Then right in the middle of the record is ‘Little Dog’, a dark, intense number where Amati’s “little girl lost” vocals battle against a whirlwind of bruising guitars. It would seem that Amycanbe are better the louder they get but the languid charms of ‘Too Much Work’ is a gentle delight. In conclusion, although the second half contains a few makeweights, this is a strong start and comes recommended for those who like their female-fronted indie bands with something a bit different to offer.

Web Sites:
Official Amycanbe Site
Dancing Turtle Records Site 

Further Listening:
Mus, Stina Nordenstam

1 Response to “Review: Amycanbe – Being A Grown-Up Sure Is Complicated”

  1. 1 Michelle January 4, 2008 at 1:05 pm

    Yeah!….it is very good. Some amazing songs in it.


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