Review: Moonshot – Uncertain Weather

Moonshot are a trio of London-based musicians/producers/mixers who are now on their third album. Despite being an active outfit for a decade now, it’s hard to know who Moonshot are marketed at. Although the overall sound is club-friendly, the general mood stretches between “uplifting” New Age and dark techno.

Moonshot Album Cover

It’s the initial mood which strikes first, some positive spoken words in the tone of a relaxation tape are read over a chill-out background. Then ‘Dirty Hands’ comes in with its heavy-handed drum sound. However, ‘Uncertain Weather’ improves as the album progresses even if the vocals remain largely rooted in anonymous, emotionless territory. Tracks three and four veer into darker yet still recognisably spiritual zones. On ‘First Snow’ they excel with a wintry trip-hop song where the vocals do finally capture something approaching choir-quality, the rumbling rhythms of ‘Crystal Mighty’  suggests Depeche Mode relocated to the dancefloor and finally the title track is blissfully and elegantly delivered. Overall, this is the acceptable face of club-friendly music.

Web Sites:
Moonshot Official Site
Moonshot MySpace

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