Review: Morning Recordings – The Welcome Kinetic

Morning Recordings revolve around the arranging and songwriting talents of one Pramod Tummala, who enlisted members of Lambchop and The Coctails to create a first album which was described as “melancholic, hushed songwriter fare imbued with an orchestral sparseness”. On that basis, the second full-length ‘The Welcome Kinetic’ seems more focused on instrumental aspects but is still a moving collection of music.

Morning Recordings Album Cover

For the instrumental tracks, ‘Join The Curtains’ is a particularly warped Morricone track whilst the percussive warmth of the title track could fit in to any great 60’s movie soundtrack. However, it is the vocal-led tracks which linger longest in the memory because they are quite beautiful. ‘Songs From A Hotel Bar’ sung by Edith Frost is a lovelorn, understated number backed up with a suitably subtle, glistening backing. ‘We Loved The City Years’ is like a dream; some blissful harmonies wash over late night soul atmospherics; it echoes The Silent League and Mercury Rev in its near-perfect arrangements. Perhaps even slightly better than that, ‘You’ve Been Letting Go’ is the lushest Bond soundtrack ever, with once again the harmonies and key changes taking the listener into near-ecstasy. Lovingly produced from start to finish, it’s definitely one of those sumptuous records to just lose yourself in.

Web Sites:
Morning Recordings Official Site
Morning Recordings MySpace

Further Listening:
Mercury Rev, The Silent League, The Beach Boys, Alpha


1 Response to “Review: Morning Recordings – The Welcome Kinetic”

  1. 1 emptyflow March 2, 2008 at 9:26 pm

    Thanks for the review. I stumbled upon this recond by chance. It’s great… Would be very interested in listening to their first record. Their music reminds me, among other things, of Finnish post-rock group The Gentlemen losers. Check’em out 🙂

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