Review: Various Artists – Brew Records Volume One

Brew Records are a newly-formed Yorkshire label with a disparate array of artists on their roster. However, this compilation leans heavily towards a young croup of “nu metal” bands.

Brew Records CD Cover

There are some strong tracks on here. The Butterfly’s ‘Eros And Thanatos’ may be an unorthodox place to start; this group churns out metallic riffs, funk guitars and gothic vocals to create something quite different but for the following track from I Concur, the vocals on  ‘Oblige’ emulate a grunged-up Morrissey. Furthermore, Immune’s Oriental-flavoured rock moves in impressive modern prog circles and the intricate, melancholic splendour of Vessel’s ‘Forever The Optimist’ is another high point. Sadly, too many songs degenerate into metal-by-numbers so it’s a real blessing when the stark, piano-led contribution from Glissando makes an appearance and this sets the scene for a number of noticeably quieter efforts. So it’s a quite an unbalanced compilation but there are a number of acts here who could be worth watching out for in the future.

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1 Response to “Review: Various Artists – Brew Records Volume One”

  1. 1 Michael January 24, 2008 at 7:16 pm

    I quite liked this compilation. I’ve always thought The Butterfly are a great fan, sadly they are splitting. Vessels and I Concur are definitely going places, it’s so obvious in their music, while I really thought These Monsters were particularly inventive.

    Wasn’t so impressed with Glissando, a bit disappointed after hearing so many great things about them

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