Review: Cheju & Stoosh – Awkward 24

Awkward Silence originally started releasing their split records in the traditional format of 7″ singles. However, since June 2005 the chosen format has been a 3″ CD, the latest being two tracks each from Cheju and Stoosh. The former is the prolific Wil Bolton who – as well as being co-owner of Boltfish Recordings – has recorded under numerous labels over the last few years. Shoosh, meanwhile, are a three-piece who include Neil Carlill, erstwhile member of mid-90s acts Delicatessen and Lodger.

 Awkward 24 CD Cover

In truth, Cheju and Stoosh are barely comparable although both operate in the broad church we know as “electronica”. Of the two, Cheju aim for the more direct route to melodies. ‘Moody Copy’ is as smooth and approachable as the warmest of European techno whereas the slightly darker ‘Drago’ is a nice mixture of glacial atmospheres, precise beats and a harpsichord-like tune.

Shoosh is definitely more leftfield. Their two tracks explore a psychedelic world. ‘Elastic Soil’ begins with Spanish guitar before some warped vocals convey an evening of stoned abandon in Madrid. The haze doesn’t clear for ‘Come In From The Cold’ either. Nevertheless there’s a certain nightmarish charm to their songs.

With two very contrasting styles on the CD, it’s difficult to recommend this to newcomers but for those who like a mixture of straightforward and experimental electronica, look no further because salvation is here.

Web Sites:
Awkward Silence Label Site
Cheju Official Site
Shoosh MySpace

1 Response to “Review: Cheju & Stoosh – Awkward 24”

  1. 1 Michael March 10, 2008 at 11:23 pm

    I love Awkward Silence releases (*and also Unlabel — same owner). shoosh are unlike anything ive heard before, really distinctive. While, Neil Carlill’s voca style is either love it or hate it, I definitely sit in the former camp.

    Cheju is great too actually, direct is a good way to describe his music in my view

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