Video Nostalgia: Eyeless In Gaza – New Risen

Since regular site reader Scott commented on Eyeless In Gaza and the group have a batch of new releases/reissues along the way, it seems like the perfect time to show a video from this unusual band. ‘New Risen’ is one of two Eyeless In Gaza tracks that feature on the ‘Pillows And Prayers’ video that was first released by Cherry Red in the early 1980’s and has since been reissued in DVD format along with the attendant double CD of music.

‘New Risen’ represents Eyeless In Gaza in their most accessible form. This is a conventional pop song by their standards and comes from the album ‘Rust Red September’, which happens to be my favourite album of theirs. I have compared Eyeless In Gaza to OMD in the past but the former weren’t ones for compromising.  Their early tracks have aged rather well; experimental and often semi-improvised but never over-complicated and I can hear their influence in modern-day artists such as Daniel Patrick Quinn.

For those seeking out more on this interesting duo (Martyn Bates and Peter Becker), I would certainly recommend a very informative official site on where you can read about and listen to samples of music old and new from both Eyeless In Gaza and the band members’ other projects.

I can also heartily recommend the ‘Pillows And Prayers’ DVD. It features promos of Cherry Red artists sandwiched between vintage television commercials and public information films. The music is quintessentially English with appropriately quirky videos and serves as great nostalgia for lovers of cult indie pop bands of the time such as Everything But The Girl, The Monochrome Set and the haunting ‘It’s A Fine Day’ by Jane.

Other Resources:
Cherry Red Label Site & Shop

Further Listening:
Daniel Patrick Quinn, Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, Black September

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