Review: The Hepburns – Something Worth Stealing

Of course, it’s not unusual for groups to be immensely popular in the UK but unheard of abroad. Then there are those acts who seem surprisingly popular in foriegn climes yet can’t get arrested on British shores. Perhaps the problems The Hepburns suffer from is that they are too British; an amalgamation of cultural references and light indie-pop. Even so, Japan, Spain and Sweden have appreciated them in the past and all credit to them for that.

The Hepburns CD Cover

Don’t be deceived by the funny but throwaway ‘During British Winters’. Usually there is serious songwriting talent on show. Jazzy opener ‘The Last Thing I Saw Before I Saw Goodbye’ and ‘Geoff’s Cape’ are reminiscent of easy-listening Swinging Sixties pop.  ‘Devil Up A Drainpipe’ is the pick of a set of songs perfect for bored weekend teatimes; it’s uptemp melody instantly appeals and – just to prove they have a potential in their native UK – the whimsical folk-pop of ‘Fire Red Car’ reminded me a lot of Belle And Sebastian. There’s even a touching tribute to Velma from the Scooby Doo stories; a typically witty tribute to the character who did all the detective work in the series.

One could say The Hepburns are irrelevant in modern day music. In a media-dictated world of music where the “next big thing” is force-fed to us, they probably are irrelevant but their unfashionable yet tuneful music is far more palatable to me than the latest batch of post-Libertines wannabes.

Web Sites:
The Hepburns MySpace
Radio Khartoum Label Site

Further Listening:
Anthony Rochester, The Monochrome Set, Belle And Sebastian


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