Review: Paul Haig – Go Out Tonight

The unexpectedly great reception which greeted 2007’s ‘Electronik Audience’  has clearly given Paul Haig a lot of confidence. Proving that he wasn’t just a product of the influential early-80’s post-punk scene, content to trade on former glories, on his ninth album Haig reinvented himself as the voice of slick and surprisingly danceable electronic music. Less than a year later, ‘Go Out Tonight’ seeks to take advantage of the acclaim with a rapid follow-up.

Paul Haig CD Cover

The gritty ‘Stay Mine’ uses the kind of confrontational riffs that were the stock-in trade of Paul Haig’s erstwhile colleagues in Josef K. Yet this is otherwise an electronically-themed record, based around the dark after-effects of a night out. The only problem with ‘Go Out Tonight’ is that (not unlike Section 25) it can be quite a cold, unmoving experience and as a consequence the likes of ‘Shut Down’ and ‘Acidic Snowdrop’ sound dry and robotic. It’s probably no coincidence that one of my favourite tracks is also one of the lightest in mood. With its catchy click-clack rhythms and Haig’s ghostly vocal, ‘Believe’ would have been hailed as an alternative disco-pop classic in the mid-1980’s. Furthermore, the excellent ‘Scene’ tones down the pace and digital effects to reveal a reflective and emotive song whilst ‘Gone In A Moment’ is an insistent and addictive closer. All things considered then, ‘Go Out Tonight’ is a respectable follow-up and continues Haig’s recent good run of form.

Web Sites:
Rhythm Of Life Label Site
Paul Haig MySpace

Further Listening:
Josef K, A Certain Ratio, Section 25

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