Review: Saint Bernadette – I Wanna Tell You Something…

A couple of months ago I reviewed the debut album from Saint Bernadette. It was a dramatic and stirring album chiefly because of the powerful vocals of Meredith DiMenna and the classic Western guitar stylings of partner Keith Saunders. It’s only flaw was that the jazz rock flavour of the songs was not easily marketable. A quick follow-up EP signals a new direction and one which should crossover to the masses.

Saint Bernadette EP Cover

DiMenna is at the forefront of the songs more than ever now. Each track seems to showcase another aspect to her voice and personality. She belts out the choruses to ‘In Between’ and ‘Love Is A Stranger’ in a manner which suggests none other than American idol winner Kelly Clarkson. Not such a shameful comparison when you think of it since Clarkson has a decent set of pipes herself and both these songs cry out “hit”. The centrepiece ‘One In A Million’ is the least arresting track; hamstrung as it is by the lack of an obvious hook. It’s a brief lull as DiMenna is back in diva mode for ‘Hard To Believe’, biting the words with gusto, like a reborn Nancy Sinatra as Saunders’ supercharged grinding guitar provides the perfect foil. Finally, the couple settle into country ballad mode for the title track. It’s a song which further expands the range of this talented couple. Could they be the next Eurythmics?

Web Sites:
Saint Bernadette Official Site
Saint Bernadette MySpace

Further Listening:
Kelly Clarkson, Eurythmics, Sam Brown

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