Review: Claire Toomey – Found

There always has and always will be a market for female singer-songwriters. This must come as a relief to South London’s Claire Toomey who has opted for the unplugged route on her ‘Found’ EP. Containing just three songs, there’s nothing here to set the world alight but I consider Toomey to be one of the brighter talents amongst a crowded genre.

Claire Toomey EP Cover

The title and lead-off track is memorable, urgent-sounding and shows all Toomey’s talents in the best possible light. Her ‘Norwegian Wood’-style strummed melody is pitched alongside a emotive slightly cracked vocal, which resonates impressively for someone who is barely out of her teens. Yet whilst ‘Found’ is the most arresting track here, the other two contributions are hardly makeweights. ‘Somewhere To Hide’ is slower but no less moving; Toomey’s tones once again providing considerable warmth in a folky environment. ‘Still Life’ is the least impressive of the bunch but at least features some decent harmonies. Stylistically this EP isn’t adventurous at all and I’d definitely like to hear her attempt more styles, just like close soundalike Gemma Hayes. However, it’s a fine example of how to make acoustic rock and pop interesting.

Web Sites:
Claire Toomey’s Official Site
Claire Toomey’s MySpace

Further Listening:
Gemma Hayes, Karina Berry, Little Fish

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