Review: The Diggs – Ctrl-Alt-Del

The Diggs are a three-piece from Brooklyn with a strong signature sound that draws on influences from both shoegazing and grunge. Led by the anguished, rock vocals of Timothy Lannen and the tight rhythm section of Rob Haussmann and Charlie Schmid, their second album is dense and powerful.

The Diggs CD Cover

From the beginning it is feasible to think that Lannen’s strained vocals are liable to break down at any minute, given the immense effort he seems to be conveying on each track. Still, he manfully keeps his notes pitched at the same level throughout the record. In fact, similarly hard work might be required for the listener to reap the rewards on an album which only really makes its mark after the first few airings. As the perfect examples, ‘…And In The End Shoot Back’ and ‘Brigante’ build slowly but gradually the insistent guitars drew me in to their delicately weaved melodies. In contrast, ‘Carpal Tunnel’ is the most immediate song on the record thanks to a fine array of clever key changes. However, the otherwise one-paced nature of the record means that on the lesser tracks, the trio seem to be grinding away; struggling to deliver a memorable hook. The end result, therefore is a bit hit and miss.

Web Sites:
The Diggs Official Site
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