Review: Auburn Lull – Begin Civil Twilight

Hard to believe that Auburn Lull have been in operation for more than a decade now. Yet this is only their third album; their less than hasty recording schedule mirrored by their peculiarly lambent style of dreampop. ‘Begin Civil Twilight’ is a deeply atmospheric record but – unlike say Mahogany’s last album – this isn’t one which gives shoegazing music a shot in the arm, in fact it’s more like a record which waves a portable fan over the forehead of the listener.

Auburn Lull CD Cover

Rather than rely on hooks and clever key changes, the tracks on ‘Begin Civil Twilight’ merge into a dreamlike whole. ‘Broken Heroes’ seems to borrow the bird calling noises from The Delays’ ‘Long Time Coming’ but here our feathered friends are content to just float away in a sea of glistening effects and ethereal harmonies. Likewise the title track is just a wash of glacial textures. ‘Stanfield Echo’ is a more tangible affair thanks to its acoustic flavour whilst ‘Arc Of An Outsider’ swoops and glides in the most elegant of fashions. Otherwise the music is somehow elusive; beautiful but a little superficial.

Web Sites:
Auburn Lull Official Site
Auburn Lull MySpace
Darla Label Site

Further Listening:
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