Review: Arthur And Martha – Autovia EP

Arthur And Martha have the honour of being the first artists to have a release out on the new Happy Robots label. Together they (“they” being Adam Cresswell and Alice Hubley) make retro-futurist electro-pop which will doubtlessly endear them to the Stereolab crowd.

Arthur And Martha CD Cover

And so we have the title and lead-off track. Like a female-fronted Kraftwerk, Hubley’s slightly robotic voice is the perfect foil for Cresswell’s clean yet poppy synth melody. ‘Japanese Kiss’ is an altogether more human-sounding song. Hubley sings with a very British sense of emotion; a break-up characterised by the line “You called me to sort out financial matters and custody of the acoustic guitar” as¬†vintage keyboards capture the spirit of early-80s Factory records. The instrumental ‘Squareway To Heaven’, however, moves into more obscure Krautrock territory, with lots of drone and a hypnotic metronomic rhythm. Then the EP ends with a brief reprise of ‘Autovia’. Although their style is a little throwaway, in less than fifteen minutes of music, Arthur And Martha skilfully capture the essence of some of the most endearing electro-pop acts.

Web Sites:
Happy Robots Label Site
Arthur And Martha MySpace

Further Listening:
Kraftwerk, The Wake, Stereolab, Dubstar, Helvissa

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