Review: Her Name Is Calla – The Heritage

Post-rock does tend to lean towards the darker side of music but Her Name Is Calla can justifiably claim to be amongst the darkest exponents of the genre. Their second release blends the most downbeat of folk music with harrowing crashes of guitars and percussion. The black mood is balanced by cello and trumpet to offer shafts of light when all around is black.

Her Name Is Calla CD Cover

‘Nylon’ hardly eases the listener into the experience with the singer wailing like a man about to be sentenced to death. At least ‘New England’ begins quite delicately like a string-laden lament but then the dominant cello and trumpet give way to a musical warzone as guitars grind and drums are clattered in almost freeform fashion. ‘Paying For Your Funeral’ and ‘Wren’ are more refined tracks which hold back just as it sounds like they’re going to explode, much like a folkier Bark Psychosis. It takes a track called ‘Motherfucker! It’s Alive And Bleeding” to bring on the dramatics again with the vocals seemingly inspired by the tortured souls of a Hammer Horror movie. Finally, the most conventional track – in typical contrary fashion – is hidden towards the end; a relatively hopeful song called ‘Long Distance Runner’. Yet despite the seriousness of the whole experience, what cannot be doubted is the sheer conviction of all the band members as they force their bleak message home.

Web Sites:
Her Name Is Calla Official Site
Her Name Is Calla MySpace
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Further Listening:
Bark Psychosis, Viarosa


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