Review: Fiancé – Please, Ambitious, Please

Fiancé are a Denver-based quartet whose second EP veers between emo and sumptuously arranged soft-rock. It’s an odd mix but one which is ultimately likeable, thanks to the tune making skills of the protagonists involved and the fact that this band seem to be willing to sound different to so many other young bands around at the moment.

Fiancé CD Cover

The EP is partly youthful-sounding rock but equal amounts reflective and subtle. I could certainly have done without keening opener ‘Super-Soft Knife’, which seemed to be marketed at teens. Reflective piano-led number ‘Pretty Model’s Hands’ is the first evidence of their songwriting skills; cleverly combining unwinding rainy day atmosphere with anguished vocals; their storytelling prowess also very much in evidence. ‘Twenty-something’ may offer less lyrical insight (“Amy’s friends all think I’m full of shit. But all those mother fuckers don’t even know the half of it”) but its emotive delivery and aching melody more than make up for those apparent failings. On the flipside, ‘I Don’t Want You Anymore’ is noticeably more uptempo and a little too eager to please despite some decent falsetto harmonies but at least they recover their maturity with a downbeat yet blissful finale. If Fiancé continue to pursue their more ambitious ideas, I wouldn’t bet against them emulating the majesty of Ben Folds Five.

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Fiancé Official Site
Fiancé MySpace

Further Listening:
Ben Folds Five

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