Review: Recue – All The Wrong Places

A few years ago, I remember hearing an album by Vladislav Delay, a Finnish electronica artist with a penchant for making stunningly engimatic music from what initially sounded like faulty plumbing. Riku Annala also hails from Finland and although his work here as Recue never quite achieves the heights of Vladislav Delay’s ‘Demo(n) Tracks’, he manages to convey music of depth from a variety of glacial textures and beats.

Recue CD Cover

‘Gbliss’ is a great way to begin proceedings. Some crisp, icy beats punctuate a smooth but interesting melody. The somewhat more frenetic ‘Korento’ is busier but still maintains a level of etherealism whilst ‘Bivouac’ combines bleeps and static with great walls of electronic elegance. Elsewhere, the otherwise too effects-saturated ‘Kalmacty’ recovers form to reach a serene denouement. As the album draws to its close, though – and the two superfluous remixes don’t really help – Annala seems to struggle for new ideas and memorable tunes. Yet for thirty minutes at least, this is an involving release which compares favourably to Annala’s aforementioned fellow Finn.

Web Sites:
Recue Official Site
Recue MySpace
Rednetic Label Site

Further Listening:
Vladislav Delay, Emvelope Nine


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