Review: Um Fall Am – Things Went By

Little is know about London musician David Cooper, save the fact that he has been playing guitar “as long as he can remember” and he has just released a download-only EP on Split Femur Recordings. I can also add to this, that his EP ‘Things Went By’ is one of the more fascinating examples of acoustic guitar pieces; given colour by subtle layers of electronica and some choice field recordings from – I can only assume – things which went by his home whilst he recorded these six tracks.

Um Fall Am CD Cover

Don’t expect any insight from the track titles either, Cooper communicates in entirely wordless form. Although nominally acoustic music, each track bears a sample of some sort. As examples, the sound of lightly running water can be heard on ‘Number One’ whilst ‘Number Three’ rambles along to distant traffic and birdsong. It is the latter track which, for me, is the pick of the bunch; a delightfully sad and poignant number that’s embellished by a warm electronic backing. The other tracks drift along nicely in a similarly minimalist style. Yet even if ‘Things Went By’ won’t be the most overwhleming EP heard this year, its relaxed, melodic approach is instantly appealing after the stresses of modern-day life.

Web Sites:
Um Fall Am MySpace
Split Femur Recordings Label and Shop Site

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