Review: Giorgio Maggiore – Dentro Ai Tuoi Sogni

There’s a lot to admire about Giorgio Maggiore. For one thing there’s the proficiency and melodicism of his keyboard skills, then his melodramatic voice and also the way he sings in his native Italian, when so many feel they have to sing English in order to gain popularity.  When I reviewed his previous album, ’I Colori Che Cambiano’, the chosen style was gothic rock but for ‘Dentro Ai Tuoi Sogni’ (‘In To Your Dreams’) the emphasis is on instrumental music and quieter moods; handily described by Maggiore himself as “progressive ambient”.

Giorgio Maggiore CD Cover

Clearly Maggiore is giving in to his fondness for twin-keyboard techniques with several tracks – incuding the first one, ‘Bagliori Di Luce’ – featuring dreamy synth washes to complement the intricate piano melodies. Occasionally he references the dramatic style of old (angry blasts of guitar for ‘Illustre Sconosciuto’) but it’s an otherwise more sedate affair; the new-found romanticism reflected in titles which translate to ‘Your True Flower’ and ‘The Endless Dream’. There’s no doubt that ‘Dentro Ai Tuoi Sogni’ is less gripping than the last album but its elegiac washes of sound are certainly pleasant and tuneful enough in their own right.

Web Sites:
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