Review: Out Of The Afternoon – Out Of The Afternoon EP

Out Of The Afternoon were formed less than a year ago and took their name from a Roy Haynes album. The influence of Dexys Midnight Runners is instantly recognisable on their first EP; a collection of four fun and joyous tunes which are blessed with an indomitable spirit.

Out Of The Afternoon CD Cover

Fronted by Steven Eagles’ passionate vocals, each song has something to recommend it. ‘See You Back Sally’ even seems to take time out for a little Irish jig whilst ‘Samba Song’ is a strong, yearning ballad. Generally though, their strength is in faster-paced, easy on the ear melodies. Due to the old school feel of the EP, it could feasibly been recorded twenty five years ago but their sound is instantly accessable and I can imagine Out Of The Afternoon being an excellent live act, thanks to the joie de vivre they convey.

Web Sites:
Out Of The Afternoon MySpace
Tip Toe Records Label Site

Further Listening:
Dexys Midnight Runners

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