Review: The Wind-Up Birds – In These Great Times

I reviewed the fifth EP by The Wind-Up Birds last year. I seem to have received a lot of music Leeds’ bands in recent years and a common factor seems to be “The Arctic Monkeys Effect” i.e. ragged guitar pop and regional accents. Still, if it’s delivered well and contains original ideas, I can’t complain. Happily The Wind-Up Birds’ music holds up well with four tracks bearing a strong identity and a raw intensity.

The Wind-Up Birds CD Cover

All four songs here could have only come from Northern Britain thanks to some grittily realistic lyrics. There’s a certain skill when the chorus to ‘This Bailiff’s Bravado’ manages to coax a melody from the lines of “And the letter from the service provider lies beside her. The language within seems deliberately ambiguous”. ‘The Families Of The Disappeared’ features distinctly more romantic imagery but the aggression and edginess of the delivery couldn’t be less sutle. Bookended by the punky tunefulness of ‘White Hair’ and ‘The Neutral Counties’, the influence of The Buzzcocks is there for all to hear. It’s all enjoyable, primal rock music but after six EPs, is there any chance of an album now lads?

Web Sites:
The Wind-Up Birds Official Site
The Wind-Up Birds MySpace

Further Listening:
The Jam, The Arctic Monkeys, The Buzzcocks

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