Review: The Last Army – Dark EP/Light EP

The Last Army are a London act who have produced an eight-track mini album/double EP that is full to the brim with radio-friendly indie pop gems. The songs recall female-fronted 90s bands just as much as older school references such as punk and new wave. In the shape of singer/keyboard player Rebekah Delgado and fellow vocalist/guitarist Micky Stickson, they also have a couple of strong personalities who can surely only drive the group to further success.

The Last Army CD Cover

If it’s variety you want, The Last Army are only too happy to oblige. ‘A Day Like Any Other’ is a reflective number, conveying warmth as well as aching sadness, ‘Every Party Ends With You’ is the full-blown epic with backing vocals whilst ‘It’s Friday Night But It Feels Like Moday Morning’ reveals their Buzzcocks punk-pop side. Even though ‘Submit To The Chemical’ reminded me of iffy 1990’s acts like Sleeper, the dual vocalist approach reminded me of The Delgados (obviously no relation to Rebekah) and certainly Strickson’s performance in front of the mic suggests he should not be discouraged to make more contributions.

However, it is Delgado who seems to be the driving force of the record; injecting each song she sings on with her own character, whether its huskiness, child-like spoken word or even a spot of French for ‘Broken Down In London Town’. Yet despite the doomed romance featured in much of the lyrics, The Last Army lift the hearts with their finely-honed melodies.

Web Sites:
The Last Army MySpace

Further Listening:
The Delgados, Sleeper

1 Response to “Review: The Last Army – Dark EP/Light EP”

  1. 1 Obi July 29, 2008 at 1:51 pm

    Found these guys on CDBaby, and they’re pretty nice. I dislike most indie pop-rock (*shudder*), but these guys caught on with me. Nice review.

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