New Release: Uniform Motion Pictures

Uniform Motion Pictures is a very interesting music concept. It’s interesting because it delivers music in three different ways. Firstly, there’s the song itself but this can also be accompanied by live video footage of the musicians performing the track as well as a flipbook which tells the story of the song through words and pictures.


The man behind Uniform Motion Pictures is Andrew Richards. In 2003 and 2005 I reviewed a couple of his EPs when he recorded under the name of Angle. His new project offers a similar strand of sensitive music, except it’s now guitar-based rather than electronic. Then of course there’s the extra gravitas provided by the accompanying media. Sound-wise it pitches close to Angel Tech or Elbow; each track normally starting quietly and gradually growing in tension.

As well as Richards, the other key collaborators involved include illustrator Reuno Forestié, fellow musician Trevor O’Neill-Walsh and filmmaker Soline Rampillon. The plan is to publish a new song, video and flipbook every fortnight; a tough task to accomplish but Richards and co. have admirably kept roughly up to schedule.

So I encourage musicians and music fans alike to check out the site and discover the quite original ideas of Uniform Motion Pictures.

Web Sites:
Uniform Motion Pictures

Further Listening:
Angel-Tech, Elbow

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