Review: My Milky Way Arms – My Milky Way Arms EP

Something suggests to me that the two protagonists behind My Milky Way Arms aren’t entirely earth-bound. Musicians named MilkMan and Tim2k claim to have received messages from wizards, with their sound informed by crystals which they used to produce a specific frequency heard by the human ear. Such a story can either lead to a drug-addled shambles or a gorgeous collection of tunes. Fortunately the latter is true for their debut EP.

With heavenly harmonies and effects to rival the The Flaming Lips’ best work, there are five tracks here which set a high standard for dreampop/space-rock and two of them are quite brilliant. ‘Unbearable Lightness Of Being’ takes centre stage with a raft of excitable drum beats, blissful choruses and ecstatic melody. ‘All Awful Impossibilities’ is noticeably more languid but no less head-spinning; it takes the best elements of shoegazing and turns it into something euphoric. For these moments alone My Milky Way Arms deserve the highest praise but the whole EP is recommended for anyone with an interest in shoegazing, space-rock or just great multi-layered pop songs.

Web Sites:
Milky Syndication MySpace
Milky Syndication Label Site

Further Listening:
The Flaming Lips, Bossanova, Color Filter

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