Review: Talk Less, Say More – Go Lucky

As part of Leeds act The Butterfly, Matthew Jennings was a key part of a respected metal/avant rock band. So it was with some surprise and delight when I heard material by his side-project Talk Less, Say More. Far removed from “loud” music, here was a lovely, tuneful electronica release. Since The Butterfly are now no more, Jennings now has time to turn his side-project in to a fully-fledged solo act. ‘Go Lucky’ is the first result and one which jettisons the guest vocals from the first album to be replaced by Jennings’ own soul searching over some “pound shop electro”.

‘Up Close, Far Away’ blends fragile guitar melody with clod-hopping beats whilst jittery drum beats and cello work wonders for the warm ‘Sensations Spring’. In lesser hands, these experiments wouldn’t work but Jennings is a skilled songwriter. Added to this is his ghostly narration; initially off-putting but ultimately able to carry a tune and a deal of emotion.

Indeed, ‘Go Lucky’ is a very introspective record. Jennings often looks back (with some regret) over his childhood life; best articulated for the haunting ‘Roots Alive’. Along with the delightful pop of ‘Someone Else’s Summer’, it’s a track where the early, innocent days of Depeche Mode are gathered to memory.

If ‘Go Lucky’ were a high-profile release, genre-mixing comparisons would be made with The Notwist or Four-Tet but Jennings has concentrated on creating a personal record rather than a stylish record. In the longer term, this may prove to be the greater achievement.

Web Sites:
Talk Less, Say More MySpace
Download the Album for free here

Further Listening:
White Town, The Notwist, Depeche Mode


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