Review: Taro Kawasaki – Sing Me A Song EP

Clocking in at under ten minutes, Taro Kawasaki’s debut EP must rank as one of the shortest releases I’ve reviewed to date. In the case of ‘Sing Me A Song’, though, it’s short but particularly sweet. Kawasaki, who hails from Kawagoe City in Japan, likes to blend acoustic instrumentation with electronic programming; prompting comparisons with artists like Mole Harness or the rather more well-known Eberg and Múm.

Each of the four tracks blend seamlessly into innocent, multi-layered tunes. It might be fanciful to suggest such a thing but this could be the sound childrens’ toys would make if they were left to entertain themselves. In fact, the end to final track ‘Fossette’ even sounds like the batteries fizzing out. With a few aforementoned artists attempting a similar style of music, it will be fascinating to hear if Kawasaki can expand his repertoire on future (and hopefully longer) releases but this will do for now.

Web Sites:
Taro Kawasaki MySpace
Drifting Falling Label and Shop Site

Further Listening:
Múm, E-berg, Mole Harness


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