Review: The Fun Years – Baby, It’s Cold Inside

Possibly the most ironically titled group ever, The Fun Years represent the minimalist, melancholic end of post-rock. Since their first album was called ‘Now that’s what i call droning, volume 4’, the Californian duo of Ben Recht (Baritone guitar) and Isaac Sparks (turntables) have clearly always had a sense of humour. This doesn’t come across quite so well on record but that’s because The Fun Years drone like few other bands.


‘My Lowville’ kicks off the miserablism with ten minutes of slowly unwinding drone and guitar. ‘Auto Show Day Of The Dead’ is based around a downcast piano loop, gradually bringing in new elements such as static and a resonant guitar hook. These tracks are actually quite dramatic in comparison to the next two. ‘Fucking Milwaukee’s Been Hesher Forever’ ambles along in a pleasant but rather unexciting way whilst ‘Re: We’re Again Buried Under’ threatens to turn into something quite horrible but forvever teeters on the edge of evil. That just leaves ‘The Surge Is Working’ where twin guitars and whooshing sonic effects create a gripping finale.

‘Baby, It’s Cold Inside’ is a subtle record; concerned with slight shifts in melody and mood but it’s one which hits its mark after a few listens. The sum effect is rather like listening to Labradford but with less emphasis on beauty and emotion and more on bleak atmosphere and chilling effects.

Web Sites:
The Fun Years Official Site
Barge Recordings Label Site

Further Listening:
Labradford, Zelienople


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