Review: Corrugated Tunnel – I Am Corrugated

On his first album as Corrugated Tunnel, respected Irish artist Edwin James produced an electronica record rich in variety which revealed more about his influences than his own personality. The follow up ‘I Am Corrugated’, however, is high on atmosphere and far more cohesive than the pick-‘n’-mix electronica of his debut.

At its most impressive – ‘High Tides’ blissed-out techno or the mournful string samples to ‘Careful What You Wish For’ for example – ‘I Am Corrugated’ is almost dreamlike. The one vocal track included here, ‘The Drifter’ is understated and club-friendly. At the more experimental end James fares less well. In a disappointing mid-section to the album, ‘Slope Type A/B’ is awkward and unmoving whilst ‘Back In The Day’ sounds dated.

Otherwise, the whole record is soundtrack-quality. It’s occasionally a bit too clean or smooth in its efforts to strive for new levels of sumptuousness but generally I think Edwin James keeps his music uncluttered enough so as not to detract from any sense of feeling he’s trying to convey. A definite step forward.

Web Sites:
Corrugated Tunnel Official Site
Corrugated Tunnel MySpace

Further Listening:
Dre’ Pauls, Polestar


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