Review: The Lake Situation – The Lake Situation

Tim Ineson was a member of cult alt-rock bands Nub and The Seals. I have to say I was unfamiliar with either band and Google searches don’t reveal much more in than that they were critically acclaimed. In many ways, Ineson’s The Lake Situation define a typical a cult act with a wilfully subversive streak guaranteed to send the average music fan scurrying away into a corner whilst the more adventurous listener is rewarded for his patience.

Key to The Lake Situation sound is the apparent collision of calm vocals and power guitars. Naturally it shouldn’t really work but it does particularly well for slow-burner ‘The Trailer, The Boat And The Silver Fish’. ‘Boxes’ and ‘His Eyes Saw Nothing’ initially seem caustic and abrasive but both these and opener ‘The Great Snow Parade’ hurtle off into several melodic tangents, which are always lurking underneath their harsh exterior. The short instrumental pieces seem to break from the tension of the songs until the multi-layered, explosive ‘Bracken’ makes itself known.

The tunes are certainly the key. There were times when I thought I was listening to Placebo or even AC Acoustics but as soon as Ineson’s assured tones appeared, those thoughts swiftly disappeared. For this is clearly a different kind of angst indeed.

Web Sites:
The Lake Situation MySpace
And Then Records Label Site

Further Listening:
Nub, The Seals, Placebo, AC Acoustics


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