Review: Various Artists – The Germinal Disc (An Introduction To Sitting Target Music)

Of all the records I’ve reviewed this year, one of the most endearing of releases was by Dave Milligan AKA Penguin Party. On his debut album, Milligan recalled a classic style of songwriting from the era of Squeeze and Elvis Costello. Until now, that record has been the sole offering from Sitting Target Music but now comes the introduction to the rest of the roster courtesy of ‘The Germinal Disc’. With each of the five artists (including Penguin Party) providing a couple of new songs each, it’s an excellent way of finding out about the other talents on the Sitting Target imprint.

If it’s one thing these artists have in common it’s that they each aim their targets for the heart.  Whilst John Aldington and Nicola Harrison opt for acoustic laments and dreamy folk respectively, Penguin Party’s Dave Milligan creates a very British style of power pop nostalgia as the titles ‘Song For My Old Lady’ and ‘Whatever Happened To Tomorrow’s World?’ suggest.   There is a marked contrast between the two contributions from Urko Daniels though. Whilst ‘Sarah/34’ is a real weepie of a ballad, the guttural ‘F**k Off And Leave Me Alone’ (complete with barber shop vocals) recalls none other than Shaun Ryder. That just leaves Superchap’s articulate take on lo-fi indie.

In its compact thirty-five minutes, ‘The Germinal Disc’ provides a great showcase for some otherwise unknown talents. Daniels and Harrison, in particular, stand out from the pack with their more adventurous approach but overall it’s a victory for high quality songwriting over low budgets.

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