Review: Painted Romans – Evil Wigs And Bedroom Moments

Painted Romans is a project led by Norwegian Mats Davidsen. Inspiration has come from his hometown, the seaside and Liverpool. Such differences in surroundings have been reflected in the bizarrely titled ‘Evil Wigs And Bedroom Moments’ where smooth synth pop, indie guitars and quivering vocals are each given equal billing on one of the most fascinatingly original albums I have heard in quite a while.

‘Seaside Friends’ features some delightfully cheesy keyboards and Davidsen’s nasal but appealing vocals. The tune is undeniably different and even though Davidsen does conjure up influences on this and many other tracks, they draw from unexpected and unfashionable sources. ‘A Life Of Chores’ has a distinctly British sound which reminded me of early Prefab Sprout and ‘Long Gone Before The Hurt’ is arranged as superbly as a Montgolfier Brothers track. Elsewhere, the warm, atmospheric synths of The Blue Nile are gloriously recalled for ‘Better Life’, ‘She Plays Rough’ and ‘Man’; Davidsen delivering an appealing croon for the first two and an oddly fragile but beguiling performance for the latter.

‘Evil Wigs…’ has a refreshingly original sound; the kind which can only be discovered from independent releases and these highly melodic, flab-free songs benefit from lush and imaginative productions. For me, this record is definitely one of the highlights of the year so far.

Web Sites:
Painted Romans Official Site
Painted Romans MySpace

Further Listening:
Prefab Sprout, Joaquin Esquivel, The Blue Nile, Orange Juice, China Crisis


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