Review: Ring Of Truth – Everything’s The Same But In A Different Place

Ring Of Truth’s first single ‘The Horse’ was a former favourite of John Peel and it’s easy to see why. It’s a lo-fi gem distinguished by a witty narrative and Fall-like guitars. Surprisingly, the band have yet to produce their debut album until now and although their mixture of post-punk and indie-pop will never fly the flag for originality, it’s a spirited debut which passes muster.

‘The Horse’ is sadly not included here but on ‘Well, I Walked’ the scabrous guitars recall The Fall again as frontman and songwriter Nic Bunker sounds as embittered and neurotic as Howard Devoto. For ‘Why Should This Be?’ the wah-wah pedal is gainfully employed whilst gentler melodic fare such as ‘Passing Of Time’ and ‘The Sweetest Heart’ provide decent but inessential jangly indie rock. At least the group stir themselves towards the end of the record for the intense punk of ‘Here And There’ and ‘Smile’, whose chorus perhaps possesses the strongest hook on the record.

Ring Of Truth lack that special something to make them great and it arguably comes down to a lack of a killer song in the end. Yet there’s clearly a passion stirring within, not least in Bunker’s lyricism and vocal performance.

Web Sites:
Ring Of Truth MySpace
Sound Archive Recordings Label and Shop Site

Further Listening:
The Fall, The Nightingales

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