Review: El Heath – Reflecting (Ambient & Loop Tracks Autumn 2006)

The wonderfully named Eric Loveland Heath sounds more like a would-be soul lothario than an experimental ambient artist, yet this short set of tracks is clearly not one “for the ladies” unless those ladies happen to inhabitants from a distant galaxy. At Heath’s disposal is a device known as the ondes Martenot; an ancient electronic instrument not unlike the theremin, which forms a major contribution to this eerily compelling EP.

Whereas some instrumental music can lurk inoffensively and pleasantly in the background, ‘Reflecting…’ is made up of five short compositions which cannot be ignored because they are so fascinating. Weird noises like ticking clocks dominate ‘Shadows On The Carpet’ and there’s a noirish spy thriller chill to ‘Macau’.

Following the lead of Avrocar, ‘Epick’ takes us on a deeply atmospheric journey in to space. Yet the track which most impressed me is ‘Dragons Chasing Their Tails’. Amongst what appears to be radio static, there’s the sense that alien lifeforms are singing a beautiful melody; forming an incredibly haunting piece of music. Finally, ‘Ambiance d’Organe de Corde’ ends proceedings with a mournful yet attractive drone.

Despte the obvious brevity of this collection, Heath has packed an immense amount of detail in to fifteen minutes of music. ‘Reflecting…’ is at once, intelligent, inventive and surprisingly addictive.

Web Sites:
El Heath MySpace
Phantom Channel Label and Shop Site

Further Listening:
Avrocar, Epic45


1 Response to “Review: El Heath – Reflecting (Ambient & Loop Tracks Autumn 2006)”

  1. 1 Eric July 24, 2009 at 4:04 pm

    Thank you very much! There are 2 EPs (including my most recent “Wind, Thee Wind”) and an album “Winter Soundtrack” up at plus a CD album out on Epic45’s own label “Wayside and Woodland Recordings” in the Autumn.

    Thank you again!

    Eric Heath

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