Review: Throcke – Sometimes Not Unpointful

Throcke is the electro-pop outlet for Brooklyn’s Chris Carson. An independent in every sense, Carson has created a charming lo-fi album made up of – as he puts it – “melodic instumental oddities”. As it happens, this turns out to be an accurate self-assessment.

Fairly pointless instrumentals such as ‘Leap Forth’ and ‘Lato’ give the impression of someone having fun but the amusement may not be shared by the listener. He is better served by his experience as a drummer and this shines through on the percussive-heavy ‘Matriculate Yo’. Yet despite his fragile vocals, Carson actually fares better on the song-based material. ‘A Truce’, a fine quirky tune, has the required lo-fi charm but undoubtedly his best song is the centrepiece ‘Starry’, where he makes great use of a sitar to create a cute pop original.

‘Sometimes Not Unpointful’ leaves me in two minds. On the one hand, there’s the fact that Carson has been making music for over a decade so why is much of his music made up of childish electronica? On the positive side though, I admire the DIY nature of it all and a couple of songs are very inventive and – since the album is free to download though – there’s not a lot for the curious bedroom electronica fan to lose.

Web Sites:
Throcke Official Site
Throcke MySpace

Further Listening:
Anaemic Arch, Minotaur Shock


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