Review: The Seldon Plan – Lost And Found And Lost

The Seldon Plan embrace similar ideals as Death Cab For Cutie; concentrating on wordy, tuneful songs that are emotional enough to border on, well, “emo” but mature and well-crafted enough to attract older listeners. They also now feature Dawn Dineen whose ‘The Ghostly Apple Tree’ album was one of my favourites of 2007.

‘Caldecott’ is the first indication of what The Seldon Plan are about; it’s a world where keening vocals and aching guitar melodies combine to create a highly agreeable brand of indie rock. ‘Fire In Day’s Field’ is resplendent with crystal clear harmonies from Dineen and chief songwriter Michael Nestor whilst the second half of the record concentrates on slower, introspective material, exemplified by the achingly lovely ‘Lonely Bridgewater’ and the breezy, Dineen-penned ‘See A World’. The record rarely loses its hold throughout its thirty six minute duration; reaching a towering peak on the supremely infectious ‘Run, Go!’.

For all its intricate guitar work, well observed lyrics and effortless harmonies, ‘Lost And Found And Lost’ is first and foremost a great pop album. The record’s only flaw is that it’s a little formulaic but when the formula is this addictive who cares?

Web Sites:
The Seldon Plan Official Site
The Seldon Plan MySpace

Further Listening:
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