Review: Wesen – Zwiebel

Rednetic Recordings have been churning out quality techno music for a number of years now. Next up in their sequence of releases is a 3 inch CD called ‘Zwiebel’ by Wesen; a Germany-based artist with a taste for rhythm and nocturnal atmospheres.

‘Whatever My Dear’ is crisp and uncluttered; its lively beats offset by a distant bass rumble. ‘Paul And Carla’ reminded me initially of old school 808 State (circa their ‘Ninety’ album) but the track struggles to get off the ground after a promising beginning. Last – but my no means least – is the curiously named ‘Mercurian Asses’ and if anyone wants to know what that sounds like, it’s a busy little number; fast-paced enough to encourage feet to tap but characterised by an undercurrent of intelligence and tunefulness not unlike the work of Matthew Dear.

‘Zwiebel’ is actually the German word for onion. If I were a proper journalist, I could now make a daft analogy about peeling back the layers of electronica to reveal a melodic heart that brings you to tears but – more realistically – it’s a decent techno offering which delivers some quality post-midnight music.

Web Sites:
Rednetic Recordings Label and Shop Site
Wesen MySpace

Further Listening:
Matthew Dear


1 Response to “Review: Wesen – Zwiebel”

  1. 1 Teleskopik Recordings August 26, 2009 at 12:20 pm

    Thanx for your review good to see people are taking notice …

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