Review: Cheju – Waiting For Tomorrow

Under the guise of Cheju, Wil Bolton has featured on over seventy releases in the short space of six years. Whilst this total only features a mere seven albums, no one could argue that he isn’t prolific. Bolton’s style covers organic electronic music, beats and tuneful melancholia.

There’s warmth and melody a-plenty in the whirring electronica of ‘Unfold’ and from there the flow continues. Each track has at least two contrasting layers such as glitch/synths for ‘Grid Reference’ and beats/rich organ noises for ‘Rose Window’. The orientally flavoured ‘Sitka’ impresses but it’s during the middle of the record when Bolton comes in to his own as the thoughtful, sombre beauty of ‘Loom’, ‘Salt House’ and ‘Half Remembered’ evoke sad times in sad places. On the flipside of the coin, a stately piano underscores ‘Birch’ but it fails to build on its haunting motif and the overall album length could have been pruned by another ten minutes at least.

‘Waiting For Tomorrow’ is never less than pleasant but whether it’s good enough to rise above the huge amount of artists in this area is doubtful. Still, if you’re after melodic electronica with experimental yet human touches, you could do a lot worse.

Web Sites:
Cheju Official Site
Cheju MySpace
Distant Noise Records Label and Shop Site

Further Listening:
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