Review: Placebo – Battle For The Sun

Now not quite so popular as in their mid-late 90’s peak, Placebo have gone the way of so may other bands and begun releasing albums on their own label. Little has moved on in the world of Placebo; their musical outlook remaining largely unchanged since they began in the mid 1990’s. For the faithful then, this will be of little concern.

‘Kitty Litter’ is an immediate sign that Brian Molko’s voice has altered not a jot; still sounding like the petulant youth who delivered ‘Teenage Angst’ all those years ago. In fact the first half of the album is strong with songs like ‘Ashtray Heart’ and the Manic Street Preachers-like ‘Devil In The Details’ containing rousing, intense and tuneful choruses, whilst the title track is a crunching epic.

Sadly, as the album reaches its centre, the epic grunge formula begins to wear off. Granted,  the passionate ‘Julien’ (he’s a “slow motion suicide” apparently) and teary ‘Happy You’re Gone’ raise the level briefly but boredom may kick in for all but the die-hards after an hour’s worth of similarly constructed songs.

Of course, some will carp about the lack of progression here but even though Molko is presumably nearer 40 than 30, growing up doesn’t really fit in with his audience’s needs. In fact, what are the odds Molko will still be the voice of the younger generation when’s he’s reached his retirement age?

Web Sites:
Placebo Official Site
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