Review: Black Moth Super Rainbow – Eating Us

Black Moth Super Rainbow came on to the scene in the early part of the decade, marketing themselves as an “electronic junk band”. They came from Pittsburgh but it could have been from outer space judging by their alien, frequently eerie songs.

At the centre of everything Black Moth Super Rainbow have done so far, has been a taste for childhood nostalgia and expermentation. Using these methods, macabre twosome ‘Dark Bubbles’ and ‘Fields Are Breathing’ add just the right dash of folk whimsy to their warped melodies. Furthermore, standout track ‘Gold Splatter’ contains a tune so heavenly I almost forgot the vocals were digitised.

Not all is great on ‘Eating Us’ though and there’s a sense that some of the album has been a bit over-produced. ‘Born On A Day The Sun Didn’t Rise’ identifies the problem in a nutshell. Sure, the vocoders are still very much in evidence as are the big colourful beats but there’s also a string section which is nice yet there’s a sense that it’s been done before. ‘Smile The Day After Today’, meanwhile, enters an Air-like state of easy (or should that be queasy?) listening.

Still, even if a fuller sound means some of their special ingredients threaten to become submerged, Black Moth Super Rainbow remain a musical proposition that’s just as unique as their chosen name. There’s also plenty of mileage left in their chosen shtick on this evidence.

Web Sites:
Black Moth Super Rainbow Official Site
Black Moth Super Rainbow MySpace

Further Listening:
BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Boards Of Canada, Air


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