Review: The Sleepover Disaster – Hover

California’s The Sleepover Disaster have aimed for the niche market of shoegazing which means they get reviewed on even smaller niche websites such as The Weblog of Leonard’s Lair. In true independent fashion, they’ve even missed off a letter from the band name in their own sleeve notes. Nit-picking aside though, ‘Hover’ is forty of minutes of effects-driven fun.

The frail vocals, all too familiar to shoegazing fans and detractors alike, are in evidence from the off for the rather anaemic opening track ‘Friend’. ‘Code Breaker’ is better; the boxes for Slowdive atmospherics, elegant verses and euphoric choruses are all duly ticked and ‘Make You Sing’ is another gentle number.

Generally though, The Sleepover Disaster occupy harder-edged territory. ‘Dark Star’ and ‘On A Sunday’ throw layer upon layer of guitars creating a dark and heavy sound which is quite impressive for a trio. Brave of them, though, to save the best song until last as ‘Songwriting For Dummies’ crystallises the best elements of the album into an eight-minute celebration of noise and glacial melody.

‘Hover’ is nowhere near a disaster but nor is it the kind of record which will silence the critics of this style of music. It is however, a good, solid record of its type even though it could have quite easily emanated from the original years of the shoegazing movement.

Web Sites:
The Sleepover Disaster Official Site
The Sleepover Disaster MySpace
Devil In The Woods Records Label and and Shop Site

Further Listening:
Slowdive, Ride


1 Response to “Review: The Sleepover Disaster – Hover”

  1. 1 antman April 16, 2011 at 5:20 pm

    Solid review man. I’m truly late on this but whatever. I really like the atmosphere this record brings and I think its something that this generation could appreciate if they dig hard enough to find it as far as today’s rock goes. Peace

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