Review: The Brent Flood – Katy McCain EP

London’s The Brent Flood achieved their first level of fame by winning the honour of Best Indie Act at the 2008 Indy Awards. Granted, awards ceremonies aren’t always a guarantee of quality but – on this evidence – The Brent Flood at least know their way round a decent tune.

The lead-off title track is a familiar tale of romance; the kind of which young teenagers may seek solace in. It is, however, lifted from obscurity by a terrific nagging chorus and the soaring vocals of Jay Marsh. It’s a similar story for ‘Pleasure Seeker’; there’s some fairly pedestrian verses again but the chorus is stirring and memorable. ‘Kiss The Dirt’ is probably the most complete song where Robin Chesterman’s guitar work resembles the speed and dexterity of Josef K, or at the very least Franz Ferdinand, whilst the final two songs are slightly inferior to what has gone on before but make up an enjoyable, if slightly one dimensional EP.

It’s probably a sign of the times that the winners of a prestigious award don’t really have a distinctive sound. Despite that though, The Brent Flood songs are infectious and have an appeal that should appeal to fans of  slightly leftfield indie rock.

Web Sites:
The Brent Flood MySpace

Further Listening:
The Reverse, Blackbud


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