Review: Alternati-v- – Turning Points

As one of the acts on Romanian-based electronica label Patpong Records, Alternati-v represents the downtempo side of the scene. The work of Victor Mihailescu, it’s hard to think of an album I’ve heard recently which is quite as relaxed as his ‘Turning Points’ record.

Breathy vocal samples and twinkling ambient touches make for a blissfully undemanding opening. Some of the blander material betrays the influence of fellow Romanians Enigma but generally Michailescu avoids faux etherealism. He adds beats to infuse chill-out number ‘Moonstruck’ with some much needed impetus, ‘Night Revelation’ is an impressive mix of synth washes and strident rhythms whilst ’21st Century Breeze’ manages to evoke floating in space. It’s probably indicative of the album as a whole though, that two of the best tracks, ‘Better’ and ‘Perfect Cure’, feature guest singers.

All things considered, ‘Turning Points’ is a likeable album which doesn’t demand too much effort from the listener. However, once you get beyond its coffee table pleasantness, there’s little to divert the attention.

Web Sites:
Alternati-v- MySpace
Patpong Records Label and Shop Site

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