Review: The Sky Drops – Bourgeois Beat

Back in 2006 Delaware’s The Sky Drops were described as the “shoegazing Everly Brothers”. Despite being a girl/boy duo, you can see the reference as their harmonies were perfectly tuned towards their hook-laden noise pop. It’s taken a while for the first album to come out but here it is and it sees their style consolidated by a noticeably harder edge.

‘Heavy Penny’ and ‘Truth Is’ are the clearest indications of the more aggressive stance taken by the duo. They are decent songs but the airy beauty of their lighter material is a better indication of their talents.

The excellent ‘Swimming With Fishes’, ‘Throw Your Weight’ and the title track all align folky vocals and grinding guitars perfectly. I loved the way Rob Montejo and Monika Bullette’s sighs dovetail for the supremely infectious ‘Long Way’ whilst ‘Hang On’ (the only song here to have featured on their debut EP) possesses the aura of a windswept beach romance.

‘Bourgeois Beat’ sees Montejo and Bullette make the successful transition from promising EP to strong album. Clearly, they have the energy, ideas and melodies that make up a great band.

Web Sites:
The Sky Drops Official Site
The Sky Drops MySpace

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